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Heat pumps work by collecting low grade heat and by using expansion and compression of a gas, which is then converted into high grade heat energy to be used within the home. They can be over 400% efficient which means for every 1KW of electricity used at least 4KW of heat are produced. You already have a heat pump in your house! Your fridge and freezer are kept cool by removing the heat from inside and expelling it outside, hence the back of your fridge is always warmer than the rest of the room.


Air Source Heat Pumps harvest heat from the air and tend to look similar to air conditioner units. They can therefore be placed on flat roofs or in gardens.

Ground Source Heat Pumps harvest heat from the ground using either loops of pipe buried in trenches or bore holes drilled vertically into the ground. Once completed, these will leave very little impact on your garden. If you have a large body of water or a river, heat can be collected from these at a higher efficiency. Heat pumps normally achieve a maximum temperature of 55C which is the ideal temperature forunder floor heating Whereas if used with a traditional system larger sized radiators will be needed or fanned convectors. In a commercial property, nursing home, school, fire station or hospital, heat pumps can provide a significant cost saving with grants and loans available to facilitate a low installation cost.

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